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downtown San luis obispo

5 star ratingI've been with Dr. Copp for a couple years now. Not a single complaint. He's very thorough and takes the time to talk over your options and is full of information.

I chipped one of my front teeth back in high school and it was just a nightmare to deal with. Other dentists composite work would last 6 months if I was lucky, and it never felt natural drove me nuts!  With Dr. Copp it lasted two years and probably would have lasted longer if I didn't eat that apple. Feels and looks natural, I actually forget about most of the time.

Daniel L. Avatar

Daniel L.

If you are in search of a dentist and live in the Slo county area, I highly recommend Dan Copp DDS! I have been seeing Dr. Copp for almost eight years. He is very knowledgeable, offers great service, and always delivers on quality. He and his staff are very friendly and always professional. I highly recommend his office!

Kristene Pierini Avatar

Kristene Pierini

I love this office because I am always greeted with smiling faces and a sincere willingness to help. I have never had a bad experience in this office, for the past 20 years.

This is why I keep returning and why I refer anybody who asks me for a dentist.

And Maureen is absolutely the best dental hygienist who has ever worked on my overly sensitive mouth.

Love these people, they are almost like an extended family.

Celeste Varas de Valdes Avatar

Celeste Varas de Valdes

I've been a patient of Dr Barbieri for almost twenty years and he is superb.

My hygienist Jill is fantastic.

The staff is friendly and professional and works with my preferences in mind. On occasion I've also seen Dr Copp and Dr Thurston who are equally great.

Nancy Welts Avatar

Nancy Welts

I was referred to Dan by my dentist of 20 years in the Bay Area and I have not been disappointed. The office staff are very nice and accommodating. Dan is very good he makes you feel very comfortable and is constantly explaining the procedures. I intend to continue going to this office.

Margo Maggiani Avatar

Margo Maggiani

I am amazed at how gentle and pain free Dr. Copp and the entire staff is! I have had nothing but incredible bedside manner from them. I had a crazy traumatic incident at a dentist 5 years ago and I never went back. I found Dr.Copp and my faith is restored! So incredibly thankful! Not to mention everyone is so nice!!!

Shirah Michelle Avatar

Shirah Michelle

5 star ratingThis office is great. All the staff are helpful with any of your dental needs. Dr Copp is the best and very gentle with all exams. I have been going to this office for about 7 years and always been treated well.

Beth J. Avatar

Beth J.

Dan took over for Ron. Miss Dr Ron but wish him many years of healthy and happy retirement. I have been his patient for over 30 years and the hand off to Dr Copp has been successful. Thanks for the great patient care.

Ruanne Payne Avatar

Ruanne Payne

5 star ratingI am always happy with the treatment from this dental group. Robin was my hygienist and she is very pleasant and efficient.

Nancy Deovlet

Nancy D. Avatar

Nancy D.

5 star ratingDr. Copp and his staff are true professionals.  They really go above and beyond what any person should reasonably expect from a health care provider.  In the effort to replace a broken incisor, Dr. Copp told me matching the replacement with its neighboring tooth was one of the toughest things to accomplish in dentistry.  He and his staff worked well past closing time and insisted on perfection in the outcome that frankly exceeded all my expectation.  When the lab he chose sent the first result I thought it was fine but he insisted it needed to be better insofar as matching was concerned.  He and his staff had to work just that much more, we are talking hours here, to finish the job.  When your doctor places your interests above all other concern, you know you have a professional on your side.  Thank you Dr. Copp and thanks to all your wonderful staff.

Christopher H. Avatar

Christopher H.

5 star ratingI had a really great experience today at the dentist.  Dr. Dan Copp really took the extra time to explain everything that is going on with my teeth/gums with me In detail.  I feel very comfortable going back for follow up cleanings and treatments.  Front desk & support staff was excellent as well.  Highly recommend.

John B. Avatar

John B.

5 star ratingDr. Copp is one of the best dentists I have been to.  He really has your best interest in mind. I am on a budget and he was extremely respectful of that. He took the time to explain things to me patiently.  He is just such a nice guy! His staff is amazing- especially the insurance coordinator. I highly highly recommend this practice!

Alex V. Avatar

Alex V.

5 star ratingDr. Copp is the best dentist I have ever been to. A friend recommended Dr. Copp's office when I first moved to San Luis Obispo and needed a local dentist. Him and his staff are professional, welcoming, and very knowledgeable. They make you feel right at home. From my first visit a few months ago I felt like I had been a patient there for years. Truly the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Copp took the time to answer all of my questions and the staff were very thorough and comforting. I highly recommend Dr.Copp and his office!

Jackie P. Avatar

Jackie P.

5 star ratingI had my teeth cleaned on Monday. My teeth on the upper left side started hurting on Thursday. Friday morning the pain was unbearable. I called their office and Dr Roberts worked me in and was able to relieve the pain.  Great group of professionals. Thanks!

Edward J. Avatar

Edward J.

5 star ratingAmazing staff and dentist. They all took the time to make sure I was taken care of. Communication was clear and they ran on time!

Ann D. Avatar

Ann D.

5 star ratingI have never liked the dentist before coming here. I had my first appointment today and I'm really happy and impressed. Lexi and Dr. Alina answered about 50 questions for me and explained everything. They made me comfortable and I felt like I actually knew what the process of everything was. Jessica in the office was so nice, got me in on earlier based on a cancellation, and is easy to communicate with via texts from the office software. I also filled out my papers digitally so that I had less to do when I got there.

Maria S. Avatar

Maria S.

5 star ratingDr. Copp and staff are very personable, kind and equally as professional. I highly recommend them!

Briana D. Avatar

Briana D.

Have been a patient in this practice for about 20 years. All the staff are terrific, helpful and cheerful. Great care and terrific music in the office for background.

Karen Wood Avatar

Karen Wood

Dan Copp Dental office is wonderful! Always professional and extremely friendly and caring. Over the years I have had everything done here between the current and former partner (Barbieri). I continue to get excellent service here. The whole staff is top notch. I moved away for a few years and took the train down to keep my appointments here.

Ahsha Anderson Avatar

Ahsha Anderson

Been a patient for over 12 yrs and their great customer service and honest practice has never wavered. Dr Copp has kept a watchful eye on potential problem teeth and has not taken reactive measures which has saved me time and money as proper care was given at the right time. I highly recommend Dr Copp.

S Twist Avatar

S Twist

Thank you Dr. Copp and Felicia for fixing my broken tooth today. The procedure was quick, easy and painless!

Liz Owens Girouard Avatar

Liz Owens Girouard

5 star ratingDr Copp is a fantastic Dr. very caring and thorough. His staff is also great and they are all very professional.

J S. Avatar

J S.

5 star ratingI continue to have a great experience at Dr. Cobb's dentristy. The office staff is very professional, they remind you of your coming appointment and give you helpful options if you need to make a change. Once at your appointment the dental staff is second to none. They really care and provide excellent up to date service!

David W. Avatar

David W.

5 star ratingDr Copp has been my dentist for years. I am so grateful to have he and his staff as my entire family's dental care provider.

Rachelle S. Avatar

Rachelle S.